Waiting on Jesus.

Dearest friends of Gomer,

  The Lord be with you. I am still working away on this old house. As you can see, I finally finished the dining room floor. As soon as the bead board is on the ceiling with the crown moulding and all the little details are finished out, I will put a few more heavy duty coats of top coat on it. What joy it brings my spirit to walk through here and not see an ugly old dirty room. We're dining in luxury, y'all. The table Stephen made for us looks just exquisite...and did you notice those chairs. What a tale this room could weave. So many people have come together to make this a reality. It truly is staggering to see how Jesus knit hearts together to make it happen. *Somebody send some eyelet cloth napkins.

Of course, it has been an eventful week here. We hit a feral hog and smashed up our car. I just have a peace about it. I am waiting to see what Jesus is going to do. Do you ever think that God is about to do something and He wants a wider audience? Perhaps, this all happened so that people would be looking at what is going on with us. I have been wondering what God is up to quite frankly. We are looking at some deadlines towards paying off our house with no real hope in sight, our income isn't meeting our budget needs, and now my husband's car is smashed up. I'm just being honest with you. We are in need of seeing God move in a big way for us. I am trying to be vulnerable and share these things so that when God answers us, you can all bless and praise Him. May your own faith be strengthened. I am hanging my hope on the fact that we are all going to see something spectacular. 

love y'all.


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