An Open Letter to Britton and Jeff

Dearest Britton and Jeff,

years ago, I lost two of my brothers to the disease of alcohol. When my brother Mike died, I did several things to deal with the grief I felt. Of course, I turned to the Lord and examined every aspect of my life. I also took up photography and watched a light-hearted movie entitled Elizabethtown. The main character in the story is dealing with a death himself. In that silly movie is a random wedding going on in the hotel. Chuck and Cindy: the Wedding. Last year, by the sweet humor of God, my husband became the worship pastor at a new church. Our pastor's name is Chuck and his wife's name is Sandy. You can read about that story here: Chuck and Cindy: the Jesus Version. I write all of this for you to see this little funny theme I have going with God.

 Fast forward to June of 2013. A group from Farwell, Texas shows up with several cases of water with your faces on them. You can only imagine how this made my day. I began asking all of our guests if they would prefer Aquafina or Britton and Jeff when I served them beverages. We took your water with us as we served and led worship all over Texas. A couple of your bottles even accompanied us on a 10 state road trip. We toasted to/with you on the beach at the Outer Banks. I decided to keep the bulk back and serve it at our yearly fish fry fundraiser for our ministry, Gomer's House. I wanted all the people we love to have the joy of drinking Britton and Jeff water. It was a huge hit. People have jokingly asked that we get you here for next year to emcee the day. It's our house's 100 yr anniversary. It seems that we have turned you into liquid celebrity of sorts. Think about coming next year.

All of this has really brought much joy to my heart. Beyond that, as I walked by your faces each day, I began to feel the gentle nudge of the Holy Spirit to pray for you. I have been. I have been praying for you every day for months. I thought you should know that. Jesus is good. He somehow gets hundreds of your water bottles into the hands of a woman who lives 10 hours from where they were bottled, a woman that He called to pray for you. I thought you should know how much He thinks of you and loves you. May His grace and healing wash over you all the more. ...and thanks for the water!

with love from your fan down south,
Stephanie Cherry

If anyone else would like me to pray for them, please send a case of water bottles with your face on it.


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