Come One, Come All.

First, let me remind you that we have a annual fundraiser this weekend. There will be food, art, and music galore. As your party gift, we are giving away bottles of Britton and Jeff water. As I shared on Facebook, I have no idea who they are, but that doesn't diminish the thrill. This water was donated to us by a church. Set your taser to stun because this is going to be quite the day. We are handing out witty banter by the bucket, you know.

My dear husband has been leading worship for a clergy retreat all week. That means that I had to put the last 12 boards of my floor on pause. I am counting it as a sacrifice in the service of the Lord. The Bishop owes me one. (That's a little Anglican humor for you.) Next week, I'll finish that floor.

Right now, my Etsy shop has been flooded with orders. Bless the Lord, y'all. Things are getting done. I'm thankful for donations and sales to help us refinish this old mansion. Say a little prayer for us. We would love to pay this house off. There is only $150,000 more to go. God, move that mountain.

If you could, please stop by for a few minutes on Saturday. The sacrifice of your time is such a gift and an encouragement to us. I cannot put into words h ow thankful we are for those of you who minister to us as we minister to others. Much love to you all. See you Saturday. The parade starts at 10 and the fish will be frying at 11. Love y'all.

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