Talk to me, Abba.

Jesus is good, dear friends. I was reading the other day about how we often find healing when we reach out to others who are hurting. It's the idea behind Isaiah's words when he tells us that if we give up what we have to sustain our own lives to meet the needs of the afflicted then our own light will rise in the darkness. That's sweet grace.

I often will write or send a note to someone and when they respond, I go back and read what I wrote. Half of the time I don't remember what I wrote because I believe the whole thing was a gentle whisper of the Holy Spirit. I find that most beautiful, wonderful, healing ideas truly originated from His pen. I just caught the wave. So often, when I read back, I see that I had not only written to that person, I had also written to myself. 

Isaiah 58:10 (I love the Amplified version) 


I hear The Lord saying this. Help someone else in need, then my healing will go out. He is also led me to read Ann Graham Lotzs' new book, "Wounded."

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