Come To My House.

I am in the home stretch of this room, y'all. I have logged a few hundred hours in here. I have one quarter of the floor left to do. The windows are coming along as well. I was hoping to be done with the floor by now, but there are many variables with small children. It's like they say, "Lord willing and the creek don't rise." It rises. It rises with an army of tiny blonde girls. She (the floor) is gorgeous though. Come see her.

I've also been in the studio every day creating and selling on my Etsy store. Come by Gomer on October 12th and see what new things I have in the studio. Remember that time I made $12,000 in art and God turned it into a new kitchen. Now, also, a dining room. You go ahead, Jesus. Thank You.

Please consider coming to our fish fry on October 12th. We will also have other food there besides fish. We will even have peanut butter and jelly around if your kids need a sandwich. There will be wonderful live music, art, pie, and witty banter by the bucket. You won't want to miss it. We will have tea and water. Bring any other drinks you may like. 

Get your tickets here:


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