Nutritional Failure and Grace.

Did you read about what they are wanting to do to milk?

My husband was out of town for five days in California so that he could attend the funeral of his uncle. This left me at home with my three little girls. Since our eldest daughter will also turn six this week, I decided to have lots of crazy fun. We ate out at lunch a few days and spent hours in parks. We made healthy choices and then . . . I started running out of things to throw together at home. You can only convince little kids to eat so much spinach. I never go to a big parking lot with the three of them because I don't want one of them to run in front of the cars, so Walmart and HEB were out. People drive like maniacs. That led me to the decision that I should go to the Dollar General the next town over and see what they had since I can basically park at the front door. If you are wondering what they might have at the dollar store to eat, it's junk. I bought some little pizzas and I laughed at myself. Thank goodness for our livers to process out toxins and for no stress. If the GMO doesn't get you, the Cortisol will. {insert crowd laughter}

All that to say, bring me an avocado. 

I'd stay away from Stevia, Agave, and Honey from the grocery store. Most do not even contain the ingredient by which they are named. Do your homework.


Vanessa Houk said…
I cannot handle it! I feel like everyday there is something i need to avoid at the grocery store. We are finally away from most processed food that arent labeled natural or organic, but my kids are milk addicts and I just can't purchase $6 milk. I buy the one that says it is not treated with rbst. I am turning into one of those people who thinks the government is out to get us with food!!! Guess I should go into credit catd debt and shop at whole foods. ;) -vanessa
Steph Cherry said…
I bet it's harder to get things there. I rarely go to Whole Foods. I hit the Farmer's Market. It's usually about the same. And when we eat junk, I just thank God for my liver. Love to you.
Stephen said…
time to get that jersey cow and some chickens.. and maybe a goat.

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