Glass Bottom Boats at Aquarena Springs

One of the things I absolutely love about homeschool is that I get to experience everything with my children. I watch in wonder at their daily development and awe of learning. I love going to see new things and discover with them. Then we can discuss it naturally for as long as we want to. I saw a Groupon for the Glass Bottom Boats in San Marcos a few months ago and snatched it up. 

Even though I had wanted to take the girls for some time, I thought the fee was a bit high for a 25 minute boat ride around the springs. When Groupon did two for one, I snatched it up. I didn't really know what to expect. I had only read about it and seen the signs. Finally, we were here. 

The boat we skimmed the waters in was built in the fifties. There was one that had been built in the twenties. They were really interesting looking. The craftsmanship was beautiful. Our guide told of an old theme park that was there and the time the original television Tarzan dove to the bottom of the springs.

It was truly fascinating to see where all of our water bubbles up from. The girls, of course, enjoyed watching the turtles and fish swimming below us. I was a  bit worried about how the girls would fare on this boat ride, but it was great. I think it is the perfect amount of time. It's not too long and just long enough. Check it out.

 Miss Yasha looking over the rail into the water below.
The white spots are the springs bubbling up.


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