Let's Do the Cha-Cha!

Sure, she looks cute, but she really distracts me from getting so much done.
Well, the creek rose a little bit. Have y'all not been holding up your end of this thing? You were supposed to be praying that the creek wouldn't rise. See that door above. It looks harmless, benign, like a regular door. Behind that top piece of moulding is where I found that huge stash of cash. My husband was putting that moulding back up the other day. He had a level on the top part and asked me to hold the side piece at the bottom. The two foot long metal level fell off the top moulding straight onto my head. I started screaming and then every other female in the house started crying because Mommy was crying. The first day I thought I was okay, but the second day I most definitely was not. I have a nice concussion. Pain, pain, pain. I tried to crack jokes about being level-headed to lighten the mood. I didn't want my man to feel bad, but I am definitely hurt. Please say a little prayer for me. No work for me until next week.

We did get a little bit done in the bathroom. The door from the bath to our room has never closed completely because the door frame was not level. My man took the door frame out, leveled it, put the moulding back up and hung the door. Now, my door shuts. Glory! He also put the moulding up around the other door. I can now finish the mudding of the room. It might actually look like a real room soon. Can you even imagine? 
That's my 99 year old bathroom floor. I am quite enamored with it. That's all.
The lovely people at my church sent me a hard hat to protect my head during future endeavors. This is like that scene in Monster's Inc where they had not had an accident in a really long time. Accident free for years and then 2319! Poof, the clock rolls back to Accident Free for 0 days.

Have a blessed Easter, y'all! May all the joy of the Lord Jesus overcome you. Easter means no more death!

Here's my latest painting on Etsy. Buy it and support Gomer's House.
I saw this the other day and I just laughed. I love to cha-cha. I even call my baby Cha-cha. I think I need to hang this in my house to remind me to not fret about delay and just pretend that it's a cha-cha!
Let's dance, shall we?


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