A Fine How Do You Do

Spring is sprung here at Gomer. We celebrated by breaking the high temp this week. I mean, if nothing else, we have that going for us. Ninety degrees in March. Can you imagine? Good thing I decided to work outside that day. I got an awesome farmer's tan working on the farm. We planted five trees, three grapes,  and made our first raised bed of vegetables. I've been wanting to do this for some time, but as you can imagine, we've been a little busy. This year, I scooped up some Christmas money and declared to my beloved that we were starting a farm. He, of course, was stoked. That is, until he realized that he had to carry double digit bags of mulch, soil, and manure to see my dream become a reality. I am already searching out more trees to buy and plants to plant. Groceries are expensive, y'all. Especially when you love to invite everyone over to supper and take food to your neighbors. Oh, and somebody had the brilliant idea to have a mess of girls to fill this house with. My stars, I love my babies, but they do eat.
I am still picking up pecans and they are still good. Can you imagine? This pic below is just one of our seven trees. It's forty-five feet tall. There are hundreds of pounds of pecans on them. I told Denbigh that we need one of those things that you pull behind your mower to pick up pecans. There is no way we can pick all of these up. This will probably not be quite the bumper year since they yield well every other year. This is called alternate bearing. I know, I am quite the botanist.
In our down time, here on the farm, we blow bubbles. We drive our tiny red Viper, take walks, and finger paint. It is quite the lovely existence.
I know that you can barely see it on the picture below, but that's the Crepe Myrtle's first leaf budding out. This has to be the happiest thing to me. All of that dormancy and the appearance of death shaken off in but a moment with rich buds of hope. There is life in there. 
I've been trucking around this joint with my bags of mulch. Gomer's getting a makeover. I marvel over each and every Iris that blooms. The creativity of God fascinates my spirit.
I am still trucking along over here on the guest room floor. This is some tedious stuff, y'all. I fill each of these cracks with twine and wood filler and then clean it up. I've been going at this for at least ten hours and it's just about an eighth of the way done. I am guessing that by the end of it all, I will have clocked over a hundred hours on the floor alone. That should make our guests feel loved. It brings fresh meaning to I will go and prepare a place for you. 
Did I tell you fine people that I found money in the wall? My husband always said there was money hidden in the walls of this old house. As I was texturing the walls of the bathroom, I shouted out to him that I had found it. We hit the mother load. Our ship had come in. Finally. Well, at least we got a good laugh at ourselves. I mean, we live in a mansion and found money in the walls. Love y'all. Have a beautiful Passion Week anticipating the celebration of the resurrection of our Savior. 


Anonymous said…
Congratulations on finding the hidden treasures!

Spring hasn't sprung for us in Kansas yet. We are supposed to get snow today. I hope we do since we have been so dry.

Hope all continues to go well.


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