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It has been an eventful week here, friends of Gomer. In case you missed our blog yesterday, our beloved adopted children got married. You can see that here. Our hideous kitchen began birthing new life because of an amazing cabinet maker named Aaron. Because of these things and a small person growing in my uterus, I am sleepy. I thought about writing a blog about about all the places I would like to take a nap. Instead, I must tell you that we are very thankful right now. I think of all of the hard things that have gone on around us and the hard relational things we have had to do in the past few years. It has genuinely been gut wrenching, humbling, and healing. The reward is always worth the work no matter how hard it seems when you are in the midst of it. We press on to forgiveness. We press on to love and we press on to resurrection. Restoration always involves a stripping away, a death of flesh. 

When we first moved in this house, I had immediately wanted to rip out the cabinets and go to Lowe's and buy new. God told me that it wasn't restoration if I just went out and replaced everything. I kind of sat there a bit dumbfounded. How was I ever going to make use of these rotted cabinets? We did for 3 years. We really just stacked everything on the countertop because I had great fear of putting anything in the actual cabinets. As God set His plan in motion to give us new cabinets, I wondered about what He told me. Why would it have mattered if I replaced the cabinets since it was exactly what He was going to do anyway? I wondered if He really just wanted for me to wait and let Him do the work. I saw a picture of how it can appear that God is working very slowly in our lives under the surface because He wants us to truly take notice of what He has done. The truth, I believe, is that He wanted to do it. Any cheap cabinet I bought would be a Band-aid on a gaping wound. When God does a work, it is bone deep & transforming. So, I did a little math. I added up the manpower, the demolition, the electricians, the plumbers, the laborers, and the cost of custom cabinets like these in our area. I came to the conclusion that God gave us an $85,000.00 kitchen for $5,000.00. No one could ever deny that this was a fishes and loaves story. 

Here's what we have left to buy. So, feel free to order some paintings from Etsy or support Gomer.

 Floor $800.00
Knobs $500.00
Dishwasher $600.00
Glass (need estimate)
Garbage Disposal($200.00)
Countertop (unsure)
Backsplash (undetermined)

A little before and after for you.
Here are some knob choices. Help me choose between the next two for the kitchen doors. Send in your votes. There is a part of me that likes the one with the metal in the middle and part of me likes the clean, soft look of the other one. These are all from Anthropologie.

 What about this for the buffet in the dining room?
 This for the drawers in the kitchen?
 These will go in the laundry room. They make me happy and I think will make laundry more whimsical.


danielle said…
The posts on the house (along with all the other ones) delight my spirit. The house especially since I am going through a similar restoration with my own. I prayed about our house and know God led us to this one despite it's faults. I have had to learn to be still and wait - more so than I usually do. God will provide the absolute BEST if you trust in him and have patience for his work to be done in the physical and in the spiritual.
Now for the vote...
I like the ones with the metal - gives a classic feel and ties in the feel of the house but, the drawer pulls should match the metal in the knobs - can't tell in the pic.
LOVE the laundry room ones they are perfect for a laundry room.

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