Gomer's Making Headway

Well, friends of Gomer, we are moving right along in our bid to have a new kitchen. We are gingerly and slowly removing the paint around these windows so that we can restore them. As you can see, one of the panes was knocked out. It's an easy fix. They all need to have the old caulk cleaned off and be re-caulked from the outside. 

Sometimes, it's hard to live in a mess. You look at all of your stuff piled up and you just want to find a fork. We can never set our one year old down on the first floor. There is too much she could get into. There are days that I tear up because I would like to be able to find something, anything I am looking for. It makes you take a good, long look at yourself. Am I really this entitled? Do I truly allow a little chaos to make me weep? Yes. I'd rather be nesting. 

God brings me full circle about seven or eight times a day. I am grateful to have entitlement ripped out of my heart. I am grateful that the Lord has rescued me and brought me into a spacious place. There is always beauty in the struggle. There is a glint in the refining. When you get to get up and you have that dross removed, you think anything is worth it. It is.

foam board going up.
Foam board.
Here's my girls doing masterful works of art together.


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