Mochas and Javas in San Marcos, TX

I was going to tell you all about my homemade pot roast, but that'll wait until next week. Today, I am going to share with you about my recent excursion to Mochas and Javas in San Marcos. It was a fun little jaunt. First, let me tell you what you need to have a good time. You must have a lovely friend. Insert my pal Anne. Now, if you do not have a lovely friend, you should never review any establishment because your lame friend will ruin everything and cloud your review. Your friend must also be witty and funny. This will make coffee and food have a livelier taste.

Picture it, a crazy trail of turn after turn to get to this little coffee joint close to the campus of Texas State. It's in a little strip center. I park in front of a kolache place next to it and the people who work there stare at me in a "you better be buying a kolache" kind of way. I smile and ignore their grumps because I see my friend Anne.

We enter into the establishment. The atmosphere is more sophisticated than your average. It is low lit. There are business people about and studious people. Tiny lamps set the mood. The people aren't overly friendly. It's kind of like the Lancรดme counter where they act snobby so you think their stuff is really high class. The coffee didn't have fun names like Sugar Daddy. It was just a Caramel Mocha for me and a bagel with strawberry cream cheese. It was good. Anne has become some sort of Cappuccino connoisseur. She was telling the guy "more wet than dry." I had no idea what she was talking about. I then cut my bagel with a knife even though a bagel cutter was close by. Anne mocked me. A grumpy lady was angry at us for blocking the sugar, but we weren't actually. It was at the other end of the bar.

The conversation was lovely. It is truly a blessing to have friends who are seeking God in what they are doing and trying to become more like Him. I hope I do the same. During our talking our light came on and off about 46 times. It was odd. We decided we were light enough and the tiny lamp was intimidated. A man entered with a huge German Shepherd who sat next to me. He was a pretty dog, but I made jokes about it trying to attack me. Then, as quickly as it began, the witty banter trickled down. I can say I like the place as whole. It is a nice, elegant establishment. It's quiet, an introverts dream. If you go, let me know what you think.


Anne Smith said…
Love it! And for the record, when I asked if my cappuccino could be wet, the barista interpreted that as "whip ". The horror. Who wants rediwhip in their cappuccino? It was surprisingly good.
Steph Cherry said…
Poor barista was coffee illiterate. Thanks for the date!
Hi Stephanie,

I was surfing the web and came upon your blog which was of personal interest to me as an owner (with my husband Kevin)of the Mochas & Javas coffee shops.

Stephanie, you write beautifully and your blog post was not only entertaining but resourceful. We pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service and it is disappointing to read that it was apparently not 'up to par' on the day of your visit. Please accept our apology for giving you the 'Lancombe counter" impression as I know exactly to that which you are referring and that is NOT the type of customer service that we instill in our Mochas & Javas teams; however, I am pleased to read that you and Anne enjoyed your beverages (RediWhip included Anne), the shop ambiance and had a great conversation. :-)

On a side is our pleasure to replace a beverage that is not palatable or made to your preference(s). Please don't hesitate to let us know...but glad that you were adventurous, tried and enjoyed it Anne.

Enjoy your summer ladies and we sincerely do appreciate your patronage and hope to have you visit again soon!

Michelle Carswell
Mochas & Javas
Steph Cherry said…
HI Michelle,
Anne and I have been back to your lovely coffee house. We even brought friends. The people were smiley and nice on my visit. The coffee has always been good. Thank you for your post.
We so appreciate your return (and bringing friends) and are it is so glad to hear that our team was welcoming and smiling as that is definitely what we strive for daily!

Look forward to serving you again soon!

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