Gomer's Siesta

Want to know what I got done here this week while my husband was away? I cleaned the bathroom. That's right. Marvel at my success. Well, being pregnant and having two small people in tow, I didn't get much done. Homeschool did abound and I fed my children 3 meals a day. I feel pretty accomplished. Since I can't nest inside our house, I was nesting outside by planting boodles of pink and white flowers. 

Last week while we were at Carolina Creek, the Nomads were in our house taping and floating our drywall. I didn't get a picture of it because, well, I wasn't here. I'll be sure and snap a picture of their finished product when I get down to the kitchen without a baby in my arms. 

On our old door, you have to turn the key the opposite way of what you would think you should and they couldn't figure it out. So, one of these seventy year old people shimmied through a window. I laughed so hard when Denbigh told me. Our house is high. It's pretty hilarious and amazing that they got in. The drywall looks amazing. You can tell they are meticulous about their service. 

That's my thrilling update. The cabinets are supposed to arrive next week. I will give them a big hug from you all when they arrive. Love to you.


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