Shady Grove in Austin, Texas

Beautiful blog readers, I recently got to go check out Shady Grove on Barton Springs in Austin. I realized that I had never actually eaten there. I drive by it quite often, but I had not stopped to dine. I am so glad I did. My friend Janet suggested that we meet there for dinner to celebrate some friends' birthdays. I loved the outdoor atmosphere under the huge Pecan tree. It was laid back and eclectic. I love my girlfriends dearly. 

I had the Tortilla Fried Queso Catfish. It's catfish crusted in tortilla. I enjoyed it. I bought the big portion so I could bring one home to my man. He does love the delectable remnants of girls' night out. My friend Autumn had the Green Chile Chicken Fried Steak. She said it was, "Spicy!". So watch out and get extra water if you get that one. Janet had the Hippie Sandwich. She has had this three times, so I am guessing she likes it. 

Shady Grove is a great girls' night out or casual date place. Buon Appetito!
Here is their web address.  At this reading, the prices are incorrect on their online menu.


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