Nine years ago, I turned off the t.v. and stepped into my life. I didn't want to discuss the lives of characters in a box anymore. I didn't want to be influenced by contrived lives. I wanted to live my own life. It seems that I now live in an ongoing episode of This Old House. I keep thinking that Norm is going to pop out from around the corner and ask me how it's going. I laugh to myself every time I think about it. If you see me through a window laughing to myself, you now know why. Enjoy this edition of another fabulous jaunt with Gomer. 
 My husband and Chris pretending to cut wood so I could take a picture. (I was holding the baby and he didn't want to scare her.)
 Chris with the new floor.
 We wanted to see how many Cherry and Berry people we could get in the bathroom. Oh, I'm just pulling your leg. They were working in there.
 While Kristi was cutting Tyvek for the walls (it's a moisture barrier), my daughter was pretending she was at the Plaza Hotel. She says hotel with the most southern accent. "Hoe-Tail" with three syllables. I blame my mother.

 My husband cleaned his desk. I thought you would all love to see it. It is an antique desk that was in my grandparents office.
 Here's an lovely old table that I salvaged from beside my grandmother's pool. I painted half of it with white Rustoleum so you could see the before/after. I think it will take me 5 or so cans. I'll show you when I am done.
 Books on my husband's desk.
 Chris adding in some new 2x4s so we can insulate the bathroom.
 Kristi using the heat gun to remove paint.

Look at those fancy new boards and that Tyvek. Eat your heart out. (Where on earth does that saying come from? I Googled it. "First, it's supposed to make the other person feel bitterness or pain as he longs for something out of reach.

The ancients believed that sorrow and envy silently "ate away" at the heart, "each sigh draining blood from the organ." In Henry VI, Shakespeare wrote: Might liquid tears, of heart-offending groans,Or blood-consuming sighs recall his life,I would be blind with weeping, sick with groans,Look pale as primrose with blood-drinking sighs

We still say someone who is grieving is "broken-hearted."By the beginning of the 20th century, "to eat your heart out" meant to pine, but you can yell it out as a cry of triumph if you give someone else a reason to envy you"  There you go.


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