This is Denbigh, and I'm honored to once again be the guest blogger on my lovely wife's blog.  She asked me to give a brief review of the new movie, "Courageous", which I recently had the pleasure of seeing.  This past Sunday, some men from my neighborhood that we've been praying for went to the theatre with me to watch the new movie.  I knew that it would be encouraging and uplifting......but I was pleasantly surprised by the challenge that it gave to everyone watching it, men in particular.

If you've seen "Facing the giants" or "Fireproof", then you know what to expect from the people at Sherwood Pictures:  Wholesome, godly entertainment with an emphasis on how to live out our Christian faith.  "Courageous" was all that and more.  The first thing I noticed was that the production value is much better.  Not that the other 2 movies were bad, but you can just tell when a movie has good production and just decent production.  Overall, the acting was better, I'd say the script was better.....pretty much everything.  Again, not that the other 2 were bad, but you always knew you were watching an independent film.  I never really felt like that during "Courageous".  It was very well done.

The story is gripping right from the start.  I don't want to spoil anything for those who haven't seen it, but  just in the first 5 minutes alone, I was on the edge of my seat one moment and then ready to cry the next. I want to keep this short, so I won't go in any great detail.  Just know that you NEED to see this movie, especially if you are a man.  You will feel challenged, encouraged, convicted,'ll laugh, you'll cry, you'll rejoice......"Courageous" covers pretty much every emotion, and it unabashedly share the gospel of Jesus Christ.  What more could you ask for?


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