Seeing the Unseen by T.W. Hunt

T.W. Hunt was a masterful co-laborer with Henry Blackaby in Experiencing God. He wrote my favorite Bible study, The Mind of Christ. He does not fail to be brilliant here either. I am amazed at how his wildly intellectual mind is brought into humble submission to God's Spirit and deep things are explained in a clear and simple way. I understood some scriptures as if for the first time. 

So many Christians have a difficult time experiencing Christ in the day to day routine of life. T.W. shows us that God is present with us all of the time and that we can easily communicate with him. When we open our eyes and ears to God's presence, it will dramatically change our lives. I have personally gained much insight from reading this book. I took pages of notes. It is a great resource for those looking to understand how we are to live our daily lives. I highly recommend all of the works of T.W. Hunt.

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This book was graciously provided by NavPress for review.

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