Mr. Hamburger in Huntsville, Texas

We recently went into Mr Hamburger in Hunstville, Texas. I don't go out of my way to compliment a hamburger place, but the burger I had here was amazing. I had the Texican. It has avocado and a spicy sauce that will make you shout for joy. I have actually had three of them. The Professor is also delicious from what I hear from my table mates. The malts and fries and great too. I highly recommend it for a travel stop. Now, I could never eat a Killer burger or Old Sparky. It just seems too much to think about while eating. Huntsville is home to death row in case you were unaware...hence the names. It is easy to see what the names of the burgers have to do with the town, but what about the King Kong? What does that have to do with Huntsville? No matter, try it out. It is amazing.


nicole's nickel said…
Hey friend! Stopped by your blog. I was thinking about posting but then I decided to read instead:) We are going to have to get ourselves a CD, yea! Denbigh!
Steph Cherry said…
I do miss reading the nickel. Thank you for the encouragement. xo

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