Gomer: The Little Things

As I am writing this to you, I am making some homemade chicken and dumplings (with a twist) for the band and some of the staff. As it simmers, I thought I would write to you. We try to keep things with a bit of normalcy while we are here. I cook. We still do homeschool. We try to play games and have lots of quiet family time. It can be really overstimulating for a bunch of introverts to be dropped into hundreds of screaming kids. Sometimes I just have to laugh. I get so overstimulated by the noise at lunch that I rarely taste my food. One thing we try to do is to do nature study every day. We made a Pine cone peanut butter/nut bird feeder. We also write and do chalk. Our friend Ben gave Laomai the cool chalk pencil at the bottom. It is fun to get to see so many friends every day. 

On the flip side of being at camp, there is more spiritual warfare than you could imagine. Over sever hundred campers have come to Christ this summer. There is warfare on every side. It is against the kids and the staff. There are many nights I stay up praying or get up early in the morning praying. This year have been particularly heavy with warfare for some reason. God is good to allow us to see into his heart and make us yearn to pray for others to be close to Him. Please keep us in your prayers as we seek to serve those who serve here.


Shelly9633 said…
I've been feeling spiritual warfare in the Church, so I know what you are talking about. If even two or more pray in Jesus name, God said He would hear and answer. I wonder what more we need to do? I need to study more on spiritual warfare, and the prayer that is needed.

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