Gomer: Respite and Restoration

We went home last Thursday to a leaky toilet (water coming from the second floor into the kitchen) and realized that our car was leaking a lot of oil. It was a tough week leading up the weekend. I got sick and had heat exhaustion. Stress and bad attitudes were rampant. I knew I was being attacked so I would give up having the prayer respite. I decided to press on even if we didn't have a toilet. Denbigh installed a new toilet Friday for us. I told him it was his Father's Day gift from me.

We had such a lovely time. Friday night at the No Double Yellow Line event was so special. We were all moved by the tender hearts for orphans and left wanting to adopt ten children. The food and coffee was exquisite. The concert was a true blessing. 

Saturday and Sunday we rested in the Lord just journaling and meditating on scripture. We spent a little bit of time at the country church up the street singing hymns. It was a sweet time of quiet and rest with the Lord. I compiled a little help to guide people through the respite. I will include it here so that you can do it if you get a few moments alone. I think you get more from meditating on small amounts of scripture for a long time than trying to overachieve at studying. Try it out: Prayer Respite PDF

Sunday morning Denbigh preached from the book of James at church (He is doing the Journible on James). He gave a beautiful sermon. Sunday afternoon Denbigh and our neighbors spent the day trying to fix the oil leak in my car. So far so good. I told my husband how manly he was. 

Monday we headed back to Carolina Creek. While we have been here, we wrote encouraging notes to all the staff, made lunch for the kitchen staff, made treats for counselors. Mostly we try to spread joy. The staff here go hard all day long with hundreds of kids at a time. It's intense. Keep us all in your prayers. The warfare is rampant. It's beautiful and rewarding to see so many children come to Christ and that makes all of this worth it. 


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