The Deep Place by Jill Briscoe

I have learned much from Jill Briscoe. I originally heard her at a Just Give Me Jesus rally with Anne Graham Lotz. I was deeply moved by her intimacy with the Lord. She read Him poetry and spoke to Him in such a tender and beautiful way. This is a book full of poems and stories about her journey to the steps of her soul, to the deep place where nobody goes. I  read this a little at a time. Some poems I have read over and over. It has deeply ministered to me and reminded me of the simple childlike faith we are to come to our Father with. Of course He will enjoy our poetry and songs. May you come to delight in God again, or for the first time.

Here is the first poem from the book:

Take a Pen and Paper
By Jill Briscoe

Taken from Jill's book
The Deep Place Where Nobody Goes

Try taking a pen and paper to the Deep Place where nobody goes. Then you can read His letters in the Golden Book and write a reply.

I write it out on paper and I think my thoughts out loud
I speak my heart's foreboding and I pray about the cloud
Of deep and dark depression and a sense of dread and doubt
So I write it out on paper and I get my feelings out.

Then I take it to the Throne Room and leave it there above
And I know that I am understood with sympathy and love
I wait a while in silence till the Spirit meets me there
And He takes my piece of paper and He turns it into a prayer.

I bring my tired believing and my faith that pants for power
And I lay it at the altar in this quiet, scared hour
And I ask for fire igniting weary faith and dying hope
And I cry for stern believing and I seek for power to cope.

Then I read the treasured Scripture that will lift my spirits high
Turn tears to precious laughter and kiss my fears goodbye
I wait until He calms me down and nerves me for the fight
And then He leads me upwards and onwards in the night.

So I revel in these moments in the shadow of the Throne
Where I hear the Father's voice like many waters falling down
There's freedom and forgiveness and unremitting love
So I hate to leave the Throne Room for the shallow place above!

Sleeping forgiven, waking to grace
Nightmares forgotten, things back in place
Coming close to His footstool in the Throne Room above
He settles my soul, and I listen to love.


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