The End of the World.

I read all the funny tweets about the end of the world and I got invited to my fair share of rapture parties. Everyone is mocking Harold Camping. He's a cute little old guy with a deep voice and slow, drawing cadence. He's made millions of dollars on his end of the world predictions. As I read the accounts of people who had sold everything to help this man, quit their jobs, and whole heartedly believed that they were going home to heaven I began to cry. One man I read about said he could not understand what was happening. He said that he loved God and he wanted to be with Him. He believed the voice of a liar and the minions that he employed to carry out his false prophesy. The lie went around the world. Billboards were put up everywhere. Millions of dollars were spent. Lie after lie plastered up. And the innocent and the unknowing were taken advantage of, led to a place of terror, and emotionally manipulated. What will become of them now? I am praying that they fall sweetly into the grace that Jesus Christ offers. May the world be bathed in truth. 

I won't say that we should be thankful for this, but we can surely seize the opportunity. For those of us who are timid in our sharing, this has opened up a big door for everyone to discuss the coming of Jesus Christ. Simply talk to your neighbor about the news and humbly point him to the truth of Jesus Christ.

May we not be caught in the seat of scoffers, but as a people meekly approaching the subject with great compassion and grace. If the unbelievers see us mocking, who would want to be part of such a graceless brood? Love on. May we convince them that Christ is real by the display of His character in our own lives.


Rachelle said…
It's sad..think how many people could have been helped with all that money.
Lives could have been changed. Instead, lives were destroyed :(
maggie may said…
what an opportunity! and how we miss them due to our negligent attitudes.
may our hearts be like Christ's, lovingly seeking out the lost.

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