The Blessing of Adversity by Barry C. Black

Dr. Barry C. Black is the Chaplain of the United States Senate. Articulately displaying the way God's word tells us to handle adversity, he inspires the reader to a life of blessing. He shares his own stories of growing up in poverty and rejecting the godly guidance of his mother to returning to God's word and becoming the Chaplain of the Senate.

I admit I wasn't sure I wanted to read this book. Would it be preparing me for something? Would it be soft on the gospel since he was ministering to much of the government? I do not know if I am being prepared for something, but I do know that, as far as this book goes, Barry C. Black is a solid teacher of the gospel. I was much impressed with his respect for the word of God and the power it has. He did not write some emotional diatribe trying to sway the mind to a particular way of thinking. He simply laid out how God used adversity to make him the man he is today. He made me desire the word of God. Highly recommend.

This book was graciously provided by Tyndale Publishers for review.


I felt a nudge.

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