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I was sitting at lunch with a few pastors the other day. They were recounting their horror stories of multiple children to me and how it took so much away from their lives. Remember, I am pregnant with my second child. Internally, I was trying not to laugh at their insensitive statements. Later that night, at worship, I was dancing with my daughter who fell asleep on my shoulder. I nuzzled my face down into her neck and I just recalled how quickly time had already passed. In that moment of abandoned love, I poured out my love to the Father with deep thanks. In a few years, I would not be able to hold her like that any more. May we each enjoy the deep love that God has trustingly laid out for us and imbibe of the delicacies of His passion toward His children.
Drink love deeply.



Jennifer said…
Yes, yes, drink love deeply... I am learning to do this more. Our Father is teaching me this through my children.

I am savoring these sweet days (and nights) with Paul and holding onto the moments so much tighter now that I realize how fast they grow. How fast these days are going by... there's so much to soak in sooo much I don't want to forget, He has been so good to us.
Steph Cherry said…
Thank you for the encouragement! I hope you enjoy every moment with your beautiful children! love!
Emily said…
I love this post. I know it's going to go by so much faster than I want it to. I want to make sure I am enjoying and relishing every moment... no matter how I feel or what's going on.
Carla Jo said…
As the mother of grown children, I completely agree with what the Lord shared with you. Never miss a moment to treasure the love. They are only children for so long and then they turn into teenagers and then adults. It all passes so quickly but each stage is precious and wonderful. God's plan is for us to drink richly of each stage and celebrate with Him as they grow. And if you're truly blessed, God will give you there's a true blessing from God!

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