Gomer: You're so Vain!

Recently, our friend Ben came to get some rest and relaxation here at Gomer's House. I think the fact that we had to go downstairs to brush our teeth made him sad. He devoted way too much time to helping us rerun some pipe and installing this vanity. I think it took 14 trips to several hardware stores and a night of being up til 2:45 to get this sink up and running, but run she does. We brush our teeth with joy!! Thanks, Ben. Many blessings upon you.

Did I tell you that Denbigh sang all of Carly Simon's You're So Vain to me at Lowe's when we bought this vanity? 

Now, we are waiting for our antique frame to be fitted with a mirror from Ziegler glass and to keep working on the tub. Stay tuned.



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