Friday, February 10, 2012

Root Cellar Cafe

So, I don't usually write about things I don't like. I "file thirteen" them. That means I throw them in the trash. I have never been one to complain. Recently, however, I had a different experience. I looked up the 10 best places to eat in San Marcos, Texas. I opted to take my adopted daughter to The Root Cellar Cafe. I thought it looked really quant. It was under ground somewhat and had an ecclectic vibe. The food was decent. The problem for me had to do with their darkside brewery. On one half of this cute little eatery were pentagrams, big pentagrams. I don't know about you, but I've never been one to casually enjoy dining with the devil. It bothered me so badly that I don't remember if the food was good and I had a hard time chatting with my company. Before you go, I say be warned. If the glorification of the devil doesn't bother you, go on in. If it does, head around to Palmer's or Cafe on the Square. Both are great. Go over to The Coffee Pot Bistro and get an Iced Sugar Daddy. Go to Cool Mint Cafe. Go anywhere else. 

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