Gomer's Been Graced.

 We had a joyous workday on Saturday. Many beautiful people showed up at Gomer's House to strip paint, hang drywall, frame walls, insulate, and paint. It was a great day of fellowship and work. We are blessed with an amazing crew of friends who came and helped out. We are very grateful to the Lord for them.  On Monday, some of them came back and kept working . We are getting very close to being completely ready for the cabinets to be installed. This is such a beautiful loaves and fishes story. God has multiplied what we had beyond our belief.
 Pauly removing paint from the 100 year old pocket windows in the kitchen. These windows slide up into the wall when you open them.
 Mike measuring for the beautiful drywall that will inhabit Gomer's kitchen.
 I just love Ron Tom.
 Tina repainted all the tables and rockers on the porch.
 Jason and David hanging drywall in the dining room. Soon to be glamorous.
 Look at that beautiful white wall. It makes me tear up. How long we have eaten in a dark cave.
 We love meticulous people. Jason precisely mudding the wall.
 Look at all of that white.
 Repainted rocker.
 Oh my stars. What beauty.
The Berry family framed up and insulated the laundry room/mud room.
Two of my favorite people.
 I have a secret. I hug the drywall when no one is looking.
 Tina came back Monday to finish her job.
 The Berry family came back Monday to keep insulating.
 We had the honor of hosting a group of Methodist missionaries for lunch today. The NOMADS are retired persons that travel around in their rvs working on churches, run down houses,and community needs. They are here for three weeks. They will be fixing rotted floors in homes,dilapidated porches, & leaky pipes for the poor in the area. This group has done mission work in 49 states.


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