Gomer: Working for the Weekend

This past weekend we were thankful to lead worship for a Disciple Now at First Baptist Church in Georgetown, Texas. The inside of this church is gorgeous. I first saw it a few years ago when we went to see Donald Miller there. I remember asking God to bring Denbigh to lead worship there. He did. The staff is all great and the speaker was from the Village Church. It was a great weekend and we were blessed to be a part of it.

This week at home, Denbigh is working on a theme song for a camp. I am painting (on canvas), reviewing a book, and schooling some little people. We are gearing up for what appears to be a great work day this weekend. There are about 25 people coming to help us prepare our laundry room, kitchen and dining room for the new cabinets. We are really excited about what God is doing here this month and how He is constantly reminding us that He sees us and hears us. 
This Saturday will be our rip roaring work day for any of you who might like to join us. We will provide you with some lunch and general witty banter. You get to see first hand the lengths God goes to gently restore us. Come and join us. 10-4.
Sunday would be my brother Mike's birthday. We started a few traditions here to remember him in a happy way. We eat cookies for breakfast and steak for lunch. Then, we release a huge bouquet of balloons to heaven. My daughter thinks he needs them to have a nice party up there. I concur.

What will you be doing this weekend?


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