Where's Gomer?

 This past week has been full of life. We have had visitors every day and are looking forward to more at the end of the week. We have a secret project going on that will be revealed soon. 

The birds are singing here and we are full of a anticipatory hope of all that will come here this year. Over three hundred people have come this past year. It's really mind boggling for us to think of what all God has done and who He has brought here. When we moved out to the middle of nowhere, I never expected to see anyone at our house again. God has lavished us with opportunities to disciple and befriend. The people here are beautiful. We are hoping to start a church and fill it with people who long to be missionaries here and bring in those who desperately need the love of God. Look for more about this next week.

It is a indescribable gift to us when people come here to work and volunteer. We are free to feed and visit with the people in our area who need the lavish love of God. Thank you for coming here. If you know of any Bible study or church group looking for a local mission trip, send them our way.

That's it for us this week. Secrets. Church Plants. Volunteers. Hallelujah.

 I started sanding down the moulding for the french doors going to the dining room and staining them. I started doing the same with the built in bookcases. It is a really slow, tedious task to remove all the tiny flecks of paint (even after sanding) to be able to stain. We just steadily go about it. She will be lovely.

Laomai made butterfly sandwiches for some of her guests that came to visit Gomer.

 Gomer hit the road and went on to a coffee shop to help raise money for the Relay For Life.


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