Max On Life by Max Lucado

Max sets out to tackle many of the common questions he has received as a pastor and a writer. He addresses over one hundred and fifty things you might be asking yourself as a Christian or one seeking to know more about Christianity.

I must admit, I went through this book with an eagle eye. When I pulled it our of the package and saw Rick Warren's stamp of approval, I wondered if Max had gone soft on the Gospel. I did not find that to be the case. He handled topics like adultery, financial strife, abuse, purgatory, and the like with sound biblical answers. I would read and read segments because Max answers thing in such a plain, simple way that it almost seems like it's not enough. My synopsis is that most other people are saying too much. There is even a smattering of pages as a gift for writers at the end of the book.I gained insight and solidified things with scripture that he presented. It is a thought provoking read.

This book was graciously given by Thomas Nelson Publishers for review.


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