Speak Softly and Vlog

My friend Suzi is thinking about starting a Vlog. We were discussing this over a phenomenal lunch. I have thought about doing a Vlog. I just have a few problems. I look goofy on camera and I sound like a cartoon. I think it would be fun though. Maybe it would be like Julia Child. Her unique look and sound made her a foodie icon. Perhaps I do have a story to be verbally told. I think my four year old could have her own vlog. She talks more in a day than I do all year. You may think I am exaggerating, but it's true.

If I were going to explore or implore you to something via video, I think it would be a desperate plea to be grateful for what you have. Live in the moment. Cook and welcome friends and strangers. Love and be thankful. Complaining steals joy and rudely rips passion away from expressive hearts. Perhaps, I should learn to be thankful for my soft voice and speak on or vlog on as you will.

Love what you got.


maggie may said…
i like this and i like you.
and your voice.

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