Common Saints

Do you ever see those people in restaurants that never talk to each other. They are probably married and have been doing the same routine so long that they no longer have anything to say to each other. Maybe they come out to the same place on the same night each week. Perhaps they are even excited about it, but then they hardly utter a word. We all get stuck in ruts.

I read that some of the ways to keep your mind healthy is to keep it producing new synapses. That means we have to try new things. If we want to stave of dementia, we must be adventurous. This led me to taking different routes to and from where I am going. It led me to leave the familiar and cook and eat out at the unknown. Do new things . . . with different people.

I try to eat at a restaurant I have never been to a few times a month. I snap pictures the whole time I am there and drive my company mad. I have discovered something beautiful though as I peruse and blog. Reliving stories helps us to gather truths. It helps us to see into the hearts of people. I have amazing friends who have rich life to share and I want to carve out a few hours a week to listen. I want to know these stories they are living. I want to grieve, and laugh, and rejoice with them. Let us not miss out on the gift of a person because we are consumed with ourselves. May we be enraptured by the testimonies of the modern day common saint. Who are you missing out on?


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