Gomer: Gilbert of the Fields

 One Saturday I saw a man working his way up our street picking up pecans. I thought he may have had permission until he made his way into our yard. I honestly wasn't sure if he was homeless or confused. So I went and got my husband to check on him. Here is a reason I love my husband: He did not scold the man for stealing our pecans. He invited him to eat lunch with us. Gilbert feasted on 2 Hamburgers, a hot dog, a grapefruit that he had Denbigh cut up for him, two glasses of tea, and a glass of water. I was pretty impressed. He was a small, 87 year old man.

Gilbert spent over an hour telling Denbigh wild stories about being a migrant worker when he was younger and other things that I cannot repeat here on this blog. Denbigh shared with him about the love of God and what we were doing with this house. Though his English was broken, his belly was full. I thanked God for the opportunity to feed Him and I rehearsed Isaiah 58:10 in my mind. "Give them what you have to sustain yourself and your light will rise in darkness". How I desperately want the light to rise in this dark place. I want God to be seen, wide-eyed by people who run from Him to alcohol, cocaine, and sex. I reminded God of this promise and He assured my spirit that light would shine here. 

The whole thing made me think of the verse in Deuteronomy that told the Israelites to leave the corners of their field ungleaned so that the poor and needy would be provided for. As I stared at my wedding band engraved with a reminder from the book of Ruth, I remember how she lived on the edges of a man's field. God brought us a gift. He drew Gilbert into a tiny orchard of seven pecan trees and He gave us a chance to literally give thanks for the grace we have.  

I fell in love with his face. It is full of a deeply etched life and character that is brought about by a life lived.

"You have a wife and two children. You rich." 


Tammy said…
This story touched my soul deeply. Makes me wanna raise my hands, dance and praise Jesus!! I love to see and hear of the work/beauty the Lord is doing through you and Denbigh in Fentress. Thank you for the beautiful cry. xoxo

"The second is this: 'Love your neighbor as yourself.' There is no commandment greater than these." -Mark 12:31
Steph Cherry said…
Thank you, Tammy. xo
Rachelle said…
i read this and it made me cry. I can see the love of Jesus in your family. I find your blog so peaceful. It is very encouraging to me. Thank you for sharing your Light. Now I can take that Light that you have shared with me and give it to others. Never think that you don't make a difference because you do. So Thank you. Simply thanks.
I said a prayer for you and your family last night. May God Bless you abundantly and protect you all.
Rachelle, a well-wishing stranger and lover of Jesus
Rachelle said…

I just wanted to say that I can truly see the love of Jesus in your blogs and in this story. There is such a serene and peaceful atmosphere on your site. I like to visit because it is very encouraging to me. Thank you for sharing your Light. Now I can take the Light that you have shared with me and share it with others.It is the Light of Jesus, here since before the world began. I hope you know that you are making a differnce. I said a prayer for your family last night. That God will bless you abundantly and Protect you all.
Rachelle, a well wishing stranger and fellow lover of Jesus.
Thanks again...

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