Write Me a Children's Book

I read a lot of books and I generally enjoy most reading. I get something out of it. To me, a book is a little tiny piece of a person's testimony. There is, however, something I have found lacking as I have searched through modern books on prayer for children. Our books are teaching them to pray in order to receive something. This is not altogether wrong. If you need comfort, or healing, or food, ask God. The thing I have found missing is a simple book that teaches children to intimately talk with God and enjoy Him. Where are the books that teach how to quietly sit and listen for the echoes of the Holy Spirit? 

When you are done writing that book, could you write one called, "You did not turn out fine." I'd love a rebuttal to everyone's programmed answer about participating in things that do not honor God or things we question our children's participation in.  That phrase, "We did it and we turned out just fine," is a lie. We are not fine. We are in a terrible war against sin and when we participate in things that detract from Christ,  we set ourselves up for a deep, often defeating struggle. If someone would have discipled us, we would be better than fine. That's my goal as a parent. Perhaps you could call the book 
"Better Than Fine." 



Jennifer said…
"...that teaches children to intimately talk with God and enjoy Him". I didn't understand/know that I could enjoy God until I was a senior in high school. I grew up thinking God stuff was just something we did. After a season of intense rebellion and darkness in my junior year I turned away from all of that and there He was. It was then I realized that God wanted me, intimately. Oh how I want my children to understand this now, when they are young! Thank you for this reminder for me to model and teach my children to be still and listen for the Lord!

p.s.. Bibles were mailed today. Love you guys!

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