Gomer's Goings On

About two weeks ago, we added a new addition to the house. Yasha Cherry. Don't think we got lazy though. We have been having our house church, sanding, and staining just like times of old. Denbigh has been chainsawing gigantic tree limbs off the roof of our house (it is high). We are still cooking for our neighbors and even got to enjoy Thanksgiving with about 20 of them. Our pecans are being harvested for sale. Farm living is the life for me... 

Our house church is seeing such a variety of people each week. It has been so humbling and tearful to visit and pray with people in our area. We are looking for sponsors as we continue to reach out to our neighborhood. Denbigh is continuing to fill in at different churches on Sunday mornings. We have been in continual prayer about where God wants us to be. We just know that it is somewhere altogether different. We know that we are supposed to cultivate and model spiritual rest instead of business. So, we wait. We wait in faith for our provision and our direction. 

On December 21st, we are going on a caroling hayride. We are going to give out cookies to the neighbors and meet back here for cocoa and s'mores by a bonfire. Join us at 6:30 p.m.



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