Gomer: A Good Foundation

Our 5,500 square foot is sitting on some cedar posts and cinder blocks. It boggles my mind that this gigantic three story home can stay up hovering in the air. It seems like it is held up by toothpicks. It's been doing that for nearly one hundred years. The house, is a bit un-level. We have to remedy this before we can go on to all of the satisfying cosmetic work. Our first estimate came in at fifteen thousand dollars. We just prayed. We don't have fifteen thousand dollars. God always answers prayers in ways you least expect it. We got a call from a friend who offered to assemble a crew and help us level the house and put it on new concrete footings. Can you believe that? All we have to come up with is materials and rental fees. This is by far the biggest thing that needs to happen to our home. To God be the glory.

Would you be interested in helping us with this project? We need concrete, cinder blocks, and rental fees. One thousand dollars. You can give a tax-deductable donation to: Gomer's House. We are always grateful for gift cards as well. We praise God as much for five dollars as we do five hundred.Thank you for giving.



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