Gomer: Baby Love

We continue to work away on the cosmetics of the Nursery. A glorious gift card came to us via relatives and we were able to buy this medallion and fan. Denbigh stripped, refinished and shaved down the door to the Conservatory from the nursery. Now, he has begun sanding down the antique four poster twin bed to go in the room. There is so much work that goes into each and every little thing. I am deeply thankful to God for giving to us and sending help. Our hope is to never try to get ahead of Him and try to orchestrate this restoration more quickly than He would have it go. God has taught us great patience and endurance. He has brought people here that never would have come if we had the ability to make it all happen on our own. Thank you, God. Thank you for bringing hearts and not just workers. Thank you for your timing. Thank you for your encouragement.

We were able to collect donations to give away five Bibles to addicts and those beloved by God in our area. I am thankful to see hearts turn to Him. I am thankful to see hearts that have long been committed strengthened and challenged. 

If you are looking for a place to do end of the year giving, please consider us. We are seeing a beautiful move of the Spirit here and our praying for people to partner with Him in this work. www.gomershouse.org

Here are a few pictures from the trail of lights in Wimberley.



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