David Crowder's House Restoration

A recent edition of Waco Today featured David Crowder's six year renovation project(we had to go check it out). I said a quiet prayer that God would let our house be completed before six years was up for us and then I dove in to the details. David and his wife bought the home of the man who invented Dr. Pepper. It is encouraging to see something that took so much effort and energy come to completion. May we soon see the same thing. You can read the story of the Crowder renovation here.


Darlene said…
Hmmm, the old garage: workout room or recording studio? What an inspiration.
Steph Cherry said…
Denbigh and I had talked about making the front part of the carriage house a studio and the back part a sitting area for the pool. Perhaps it would be a humble place to start a church.

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