Death: The Last Enemy To Be Defeated

Death often appears like a cold, barren landscape. As I survey my life, I can say that death has been used in powerful ways to bring people closer to God than they could have been without the brokenness. We feel helpless against death. It has grabbed hold of the most arrogant parts of me and defeated them. It is powerful. 

I have lost so many loved ones and God has used that to tender my heart to be like Christ. He has revealed His power and His glory to me over and over through my pain. God never wastes our pain. Only we do that. What I have failed to realize is how much of an enemy death is. 1 Corinthians 15:26 says that death is the last enemy to be defeated. It is the last enemy of God to be defeated. As I have come to realize how death sets itself up against the purpose of God, I have begun to pray that death will be robbed of it's victory when it comes. May all remuneration belong to God. 



Warren Baldwin said…
Such a healthy view of death. Many think of it as morbid, but it is our passage to the next realm. Yes, I pray that death is robbed of it's victory. And it is in Jesus. Praise God!

How is your family doing? I'm praying for young families Cheryl and I are associated with - in our church and the blog realm. You guys are included.

maggie may said…
i have read every single one of your posts from my phone but it's hard to comment from there, so now that i'm on my computer, i wanted to say i think you're great. i love you and your family and if you guys ever want to come in on a sunday night and lead worship at our church plant bible study, we would love to have you. ;)

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