Mothering From Scratch

I just finished up this lighthearted read. It is really down to earth. In stead of judging or condemning, it makes you feel pretty normal. You leave the pages feeling like you just might be able to do this thing and keep going. The book is full of every day stories that we can fully relate to as mothers. The types of stories and of mothers runs the full gamut. You can definitely find a style to relate to or one to strive for. Of course, this is all just advice from other moms. It isn't chock full of expert opinions. Of course, sometimes that's a good thing. Sometimes, I thought theses ladies were crazy, but I loved them all the same. That's what mothering is about, I think. Encourage your sisters.

This book was graciously provided by the publisher for review.

Just in case you wonder how I get to blog, here's me typing thus blog.


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