Adopting Grown People & Bright Lights

Sometimes, God gives you grown people to adopt. Aaron lived with us while he was studying at Texas State and he proposed to this lovely girl in our front yard. We love having them in our family and getting to take pictures of special events in their lives. We have been through grief and joy equally. I am thankful for them every day.

So. Y'all remember my hideous bedroom. It has been such a sad and depressing place for so long. The walls looked like a sad old hunting lodge from a dark bygone era. It was mildly frightening. Still, the windows need some serious love. A few panes have actually fallen out and we have had to put boards over them. We need a ceiling. Our floor needs to be redone. Its bright and sunny now though. There is a thirteen foot wall of windows. The light had nothing to reflect off of before. I am so grateful to Alan for drywalling and taping and floating my room. It has given my heart some hope. Thank you, Alan.
Y'all, send me a bunch of money so I can get him back here.
You know, I stared at this below picture and I realized how long I lived like this. It was cold, dark and dreary. It was a humble space. I have a beautiful fondness for it though because many nights I would awaken by the nudge of the Holy Spirit. I have spent a lot of time crumpled up, face-down on that floor praying for whatever I felt pressed upon to do. Many times, I just kept repeating scripture as prayer. "I am my Beloved's and His desire is for me." He never left me alone. I think the lowly state of that room made the prayers more beautiful. It was just Jesus, a cold floor, and me. Sometimes there was a pregnant belly in the mix. Many times. There have been times of desperate grief and bounding joy. The thing I know is that I am grateful for restoration. Knowing the darkness so well has made me truly grateful for the light.
I took the following pictures with my iPad. You can see the gorgeous straight lines of our drywall team. 
Here is one of our walls of windows. These shades came out of our old house, but hopefully will be getting replaced soon with peacock blue panels. Hoping against all window hope, we will be able to restore, rebuild or replace these windows. That a/c unit can come out now because we have amazing hvac up here, but we are afraid to move it because the window might fall apart. Such is the life of a restoration specialist. Keep your sense of humor, y'all. It keeps the soul from undue grief.
Love y'all.
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