Well, Fancy That.

It's Tuesday, it is the second day of VBS for Miss Lulu. She is loving it. That sweet girl loves people. Yesterday, though, when she came back, she told me that some girls were trying to take her backpack and the things she made at VBS. Of course, her dad wanted to beat some elementary girls up, but I told Lulu to tell her teacher if it happened again (and to forgive). That girl walked up to one of those big girls today and told her that she did not like what they were doing. She then told that girl that she was willing to be her friend anyway. I might have shed a tear over this. Something is sinking in, y'all. Kindness. Now, just so you don't get jealous of my awesome parenting skills, I am sure she also pushed her sister at some point this afternoon. 

We took our girls swimming again today. I just love it. I love the whole thing of putting sunscreen on their sweet little legs and faces. I love seeing their adorable little bottoms in their suits. It's ridiculous. I've become my grandmother. I pinch those sweet bottoms and huff those babies like nobody's business. On the walk to the pool I was nose deep in Yaya's curls just thanking Jesus for these moments. 

Happy Tuesday, Y'all.
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