Letting My Roots Show

Saturday we drove home for the first time in three weeks (four for me). Since then I've had new tires, new brakes, a/c charge and a window tint. I apparently thought it would be fun to support the economy in Huntsville. I am cruising along driving like a dream. I'll let my roots show and tell you that I love Houston's Country Legends on the radio. The host would ask if we wanted more Johnny Cash and Loretta Lynn. I said, "yes, of course!" while nodding my head in my car. I get sad when the signal fades. On occasion, I have to turn down the music because, well, a lot of Country music is about making love. That's probably why it's so awesome. 

 Of course, I enjoy some good Christian stations as well. I'm always making a fool of myself in the car while worshipping. My girls spend half the drive bickering over something inconsequential and half being completely enamored with each other. Parenting is truly a unique dichotomy. 

My man had his a/c in his car serviced before summer started. I'm sure you can tell where this is going. His a/c just started blowing hot air on the trip home. The poor fella. Thankfully it wasn't the hottest of days. The bad part is that he will not be able to get back to the shop he had it serviced at until August. The kicker is that his driver side window came off the track so he can't even roll it down to catch a breeze. We are hoping that a mechanic at camp can look at it. 

I'm at home cleaning up for a group coming Wednesday. Our house is chaos. Everything needs cleaning. It hasn't been cleaned since the beginning of May. I'm trying to accomplish this with my three littles in tow. Say a little prayer for me. 

Love y'all.


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