Big Daddy's Birthday

Hello, sweet blog reading friends. I am safely back at camp. I drove to see my mama and then my daddy for his seventy-third birthday. My two littles went with me while Lulu was at camp at The Wild. We definitely missed big sister, but it was fun for the girls to get more individual attention from the grandparents. There were definite high caliber snuggles going on. My daddy's birthday was grand as well. Fried chicken and key lime pie. It was well worth the three plus hour drive each way to see him. 

This morning, I attended the loveliest of times of prayer with the staff wives here at camp. Y'all, it brought such joy to my heart to spend time with these ladies. I have been here tucked away praying for this camp alone. I think these ladies and their tender hearts toward Jesus are an answer to my prayers. It's beautiful. May God use our prayers to tear down walls and build up His kingdom in their stead. May our hearts be united in grace for every single person inside these gates. On a side note, I held sweet baby Rya and there was a lake view with coffee and poppy seed muffins. It was a perfect Southern morning. 

What are y'all reading? I've been reading this book entitled Xealots on my iPad (recommended by my dear friend Camille) and I picked up The House Girl at Target the other day. Both are good. Stay tuned. My new friend Paula gave us a book this morning. It's called Letters to Pastor's Wives. I'm looking forward to it. 

Love y'all. The peace of the Lord to you. 


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