Walking in High Cotton.

Let's see here, y'all. I am trying to remember all of the wonderful things that have occurred since my last update. Denbigh went to Arkansas and recorded a cd for a Christian camp. He was gone for 3 days. Hopefully it will turn out to be fantastic. He leaves for a summer of worship leading in East Texas in about a month. Were we not just there?
 We released our butterflies.

I have been working on the guest room floor still. I am finally a third of the way done with filling the cracks with string and putty. I started top coating the dining room table that Stephen made for us. We wrote a check for a countertop. YES! a HUGE check for a countertop. Thank you to everyone who bought something in my Etsy store. Because of you, Gomer is getting a $3,000 countertop. Can you imagine not having a countertop for four years? We're walking in high cotton now.

Someone accidentally sat a bottle of stripper onto the buffet and ate a hole through the stain so I am trying to fix that. I wanted to cry when I saw it because it took me six months to do that and about 20 hours. I decided instead to preach the gospel to myself and remember that even if I have to strip it all the way down and re-stain it, that the Kingdom of God is about people (not a buffet). May we all enjoy God and glorify Him forever.

The Kingdom of God is about people.
 Britney, a volunteer from Sam Houston State University, held the last butterfly to be released. This guy wanted to hang out with us for a while.
 Our neighbor, Richard, popped over to mow our field. What a gift.
 This is Chayah hard at work while we had the seven volunteers here for the weekend from Sam Houston State.
 These guys were installing the trellis for the grapevine.
 They cleaned and weeded beds for us. If there was yard of the month in Fentress, we would surely have it.
The vineyard is steadily coming along. Three grapevines now. Wowsa.
 There is my beloved getting his lawnmower towed to be worked on, again. Somebody buy this poor man a John Deere.
 Grace was stripping paint inside in the dining room.
 Britney was using the heat gun to strip paint as well.
 Our chairs got their yearly scrub down and paint job. Anybody want to come paint anything around here? We have several more painting projects.
 Using orange stripper to get the paint off the house. 
 Killing Ants.
 Burning trees.
 Isn't it looking lovely?
Here is the side and my cool minivan in the background.

A huge thank you to the students from Sam Houston State that volunteered here and went to church with us. It is always encouraging to everyone to see the people who come and show the love of Jesus among us. Thank you.

I received a donation this week. It was EXACTLY what was needed for food and supplies. Thank you, Jesus.

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