Humble Orthodoxy

I recently had the opportunity to read Joshua Harris' new book Humble Orthodoxy. It has it's roots in a section from his book Dug Down Deep. He was told over and over how deep, profound, and needed this section was in that book. He was often told that it should be a book in itself. I would have to agree. He expounded and expanded the topic of much needed humble orthodoxy.

Reading through the text was akin to breathing fresh air for me. There is such division and judgmental mudslinging in the church that it grieves the soul. This book addresses the fact that we don't need to get carried away with inconsequential arguments, but we do need to stand firm for the gospel. The fact is that we are all wrong on some things, but we must all be right on one thing, Christ.

I want to encourage you to pick this up and learn to engage those around you with the grace that exalt Christ. We must focus on important truths and the blood of Christ making atonement for sin. We must not tear apart our brothers in this process. Our goal is not that we are right. Our goal is to lift high the name of Jesus Christ.


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