Go, Go, Gomer

Hello Friends of Gomer, how are you? We are enjoying our two week old baby girl and doing some nesting since we did not get to do it all summer. I am cleaning along and removing some old paint when I can. Denbigh has been working on the kitchen floor. We have also been entertaining guests that come to visit our new born. 
Here is the underlayment that is under the cork floor. You can't tell, but it is a thick piece of cushy foam. It's funny what excites you when you have been walking around on dingy plywood for a long time. This excited me. I stepped on it and thought I was living in the lap of luxury. It is cushy, friends. Come bounce around.
This is part of our yard after our neighbor lent us his John Deere lawnmower. I never cease to be amazed at how giving people are here. They find out we have a need and someone is at our house with in minutes to help us out. It truly is a community and not just a place you live. Kindness is such a powerful testimony.
We are having a fish fry at the end of the month to raise money to feed the people who come here. My man is also baking pies, gourmet cookies, and making candles for this fundraiser. We will post more information about it shortly.
Here is a mirror that has been hanging out on our third floor for three plus years. I had the idea that it would match the buffet perfectly. It's gorgeous. It's funny, all of our pre-restoration belongings are up on the third floor. It'll be like Christmas when we get to get them all down. 
Looky, looky. It's a floor. This floor is going in our kitchen. Can you believe it? Waiting all of these years for God to restore this room has made us so grateful for this. We sometimes find ourselves just standing in the kitchen and marveling at what God has done for us. Only He could have done this for us.
We got our first piece of donated fence. Doesn't the glamour blow you away. Now, we only need a hundred or so more pieces to make this happen. At least it is a spot of humor for our family. Denbigh makes everyone go through the gate. Yes, they could easily walk around it. It's quite funny.

God has truly blessed us with good friends who have given us so much and come out of their way to bless us with food and gifts after having Chayah. It has been such and encouragement to see the outpouring of love.

Join us for the Fish Fry on October 20th.
Buy tickets. 



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