Volunteers. Hallelujah.

 We had a group of juniors come to volunteer here from Hill Country Christian School in San Marcos. They worked all day pulling down huge dead trees, scraping paint, top coating chairs, and general sprucing up of the place. We have been eliminating dead trees since we moved in here. Our weeds were 5 foot tall back then. The dead trees are quite a big deal themselves. Some of them are forty feet tall. The place had gone unmanaged for 20 years and it is a constant effort to get these trees down. Eventually, we would love to get a fence instead of overgrown trees along the back of our property. 

I have to tell you, my heart breaks every day here. As we love on pastors struggling through hard marriage issues, mental illness, the ramifications of church abuse, seeing addicts struggle, neighbors without food, I find myself asking what the best way is to love on these people. We don't want to handicap anyone any further, but we want to help. One way is to give people things to do around here and give them food. We have let people work here and we paid their electric bill. Right now, we have the opportunity to hire a local house painter and minister to him and his family. It is interesting timing because we had been praying about God taking care of this aspect of our house restoration. Please pray with us for five thousand dollars to get the equipment and be able to pay him to do this job. 

My birthday is next week. I'd like pea gravel, mulch, or a piece of fencing. You can also come work at our house next Saturday for the sheer fun of it. 

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