Getting People To Care

 I was perusing the photos on my phone from the last week and this is what I found. Last Thursday we had a bunch of people over for dinner. One of those being Chad (above). Yasha just loves him. We also had 2 sets of guests Wednesday through Sunday. 
 Here is my beloved husband mowing our property. We have two acres so this is quite a commitment. There always seems to be something getting into the lawn mower and it has to be repaired. This particular time, Denbigh wanted to mow so bad by the time he was done repairing that he didn't even bother to put the hood back on.
 This has nothing to do with our house, but I decided to let Yasha eat pasta on the porch by herself one evening. We were all laughing. When she got up, there was more pasta hanging off her derriere than I had eaten for supper.
 Denbigh is a tad bit protective of me when I am pregnant. He has been letting me stain the buffet little by little. I fo course am wearing my intense, heavy duty vapor mask. It's fun though. It has really begun to transform the room. I can't wait to get the whole thing done and have a dinner party. 
 Pardon all of our work materials. Would this room be enhanced by a long elegant table or a round one? I am kind of leaning toward a long, wider table because of the lines in the room. The room itself is 15 by 17 foot. It would have lots of elbow room and easily seat ten people at a table. 
 It was somewhat of an odd week here. I got a little drained and shed a few tears, but I am thankful for the quiet that has come int he last few days. I have been thinking more and more about the people who live around me and wondering what I can best do to serve them. I have been thinking about have a fundraiser to get some big projects done around our house. We have been presented with a good offer to get our house painted for twenty-two thousand dollars less than the first bid we received. What should it all look like? How do you go about giving people love, dignity, strength, and encouragement?   How do get people to fall in love with the people around you who don't have food or that are hopelessly wading through addiction and come along side you to support them? What makes people care?


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