I Set a Table Before You.

 I have often meditated on the verse in Psalm 23 where God sets a table for us. I have thought about it for many reasons. Lately, I have been thinking about it because I am trying to envision a table in my house that I will set for others. What will it look like? How can I make something elegant enough to make people feel special and yet casual enough that anyone would feel comfortable sitting there. How can you display love at your table? 

I went to a hospitality seminar once. It was awful. I mean, it was so dull that I wanted to stop entertaining. The whole thing was about how hard of a sacrifice it is to let people into your home, but it's what God wants you to do. Let me just say that I don't ever want to go to eat at their house

I'm over here thinking about what colors of plate make you feel most peaceful and folding antique napkins with hints of eyelet on them for each place setting. Let's bring back Southern hospitality. Can we refresh our hearts with a desire to put comfort food, ice cold sweet tea, and good conversation on the menu for guests? 

If you were going to prepare a table what would it look like? I have included a few I like as I ponder what I would like in our house.


Anne Smith said…
I was listening to my aunt speak on how when her kids were growing up, she put as much time into preparing the dinner conversation as the meal - getting ready with questions to ask. I like that idea. Love you!

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